The Quick Way that I Just Added $50 to my Bug Out Supply Fund

I normally don’t do this and don’t want to make a habit of promoting non-survival type products, but this is something that I did this morning that I think will help anyone out there looking to fund survival/bug out supplies:

If you have started your bug out bag by this point, then you probably know that bug out bag supplies can get expensive. I have found a ton of different ways to make money to fund my bug out bag and bugging out supplies, from saving a little here and there from my main income source (the Army), finding items from home that I can put into my bug out bag (you can find out those items by clicking here–you get a FREE eBook when signing up for my newsletter that tells you all of the info), and doing odd jobs (mystery shopping, helping family/friends with small tasks around the house etc.)

I wanted to share something that I saw on a blog this morning and did myself. If you open a CapitalOne360 checking/savings account and make 5 deposits into the account (for any amount) or make 5 debit card purchases and they will pay you out $50 after 50 days. I opened my account with $1.00 today.

This isn’t a gimmick; and I’m not working for CapitalOne360 (though now that I’ve opened an account, I get a small referral bonus for each new person that signs up–adding more $ to the bug out fund).

I’m sharing this with my readers primarily because:

  • This is a quick and easy way to make $50 to add to your bug out fund–and you can refer friends once you open the account and make even more $ to add to your fund
  • The account itself isn’t too bad–you earn interest on purchases, get a free debit card, you don’t have to go to the bank to make deposits (you can do it through the mobile app), the account is totally FREE (you can open it with $1), and you can connect your other accounts to it
  • I did it myself as a way to purchase more supplies for my bug out bag and thought, “Why not share this with my readers?”
  • This account can also be used to give yourself a weekly/monthly allowance or just a savings fund for survival/having money on hand if SHTF/bug out supplies

capitalone360Just remember that when you open the account, if you do open it with a minimal amount like I did ($1.00) that you have 45 days to make 5 debit card purchases OR 5 deposits (you could make 5 small deposits of $1.00 each from your cell phone through their app if you want) in order to get the $50 deposited into your account by day 50.

I hope that this helps some of you out there to purchase more supplies for your bug out bag–I know that I’ll be taking advantage of it.

I’m curious to know if there are any other ways that you all have found to add supplies to your bug out bag/survival supplies without breaking the bank?

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