The Boston Marathon Bombings –

First and foremost, my heart and prayers go out to all the victims and families involved.

This is another sad day in our recent history. As you’re reading this, keep in mind it is still only a few short hours after the attacks occurred – I only have as much information as you do from the news, but certain things definitely stand out in my mind. Obviously if this could have been predicted or prevented, we wouldn’t be hearing about it right now – I am in no way accusing or blaming anyone for these attacks. Hindsight is always 20/20. On that note, here are my thoughts:

small__3599985828This was a very well planned and coordinated attack. Fortunately, there were two other devices that did not go off. Another fortunate fact is that since the Boston Marathon is such a massive sporting event, multiple emergency personnel were readily available and reacted as well as could be expected and should be commended for their services. Whoever planned this out (one person or multiple people) had clear intentions.

My analysis is as follows:

1. The bombs seemed to have served their purpose – cause as many casualties as possible. No buildings collapsed. There’s not a massive crater in the ground. People on foot with little to no protection – volunteers, runners, bystanders – were the intended target.

2. The two bombs that did go off on the marathon route (I’m not sure where the other ones were found) are similar to what the Army calls “daisy chain” devices – i.e. 2 or more bombs set to go off along a specified path. The delay between the two could have been purposely planned – the second one could have been intended to strike people fleeing the first bomb, or people running towards it to render aid.

3. The location of the bombs were also carefully chosen. Most of the fans/bystanders, media, medical personnel, etc. would logically be closest to the finish line.

4. The person(s) involved were familiar with the route, setup, and the marathon itself. They knew this would be an opportunity to inflict maximal casualties in the area. Right now it’s hard to guess when the bombs were actually placed. It could have been weeks or months ago or even during the setup for the race – either way they knew where the finish line was going to be and placed the bombs so that they were not discovered by marathon and security personnel.

What does all this mean to you?

Again, I emphasize that I am not there and am by no means pointing any fingers. The things I’ve pointed out above are intended to make you think and hopefully help you prevent becoming a casualty when – not if – the next tragedy like this strikes. We all have plans of action in circumstances like this, but when the shit actually hits the fan, your plans can go right out the window. This is another reason to practice your bug out plan and continually check the gear in your bug out bag to make sure that everything is serviceable and not expired.

You should be so familiar with your bug out plan that it becomes muscle memory, and you don’t even have to think about it. Do you carry your bug out bag with you wherever you go? I keep mine in my vehicle, but with something like this, how far away would I have had to park I wonder? Could this still be just a distraction? I know I won’t be breathing any sigh of relief until the criminals that did this are brought to justice.

If you or any of your loved ones are in/near Boston, make sure they know to stay on high alert. Do you have any water stored? How much? If I were there, I might even go as far as to be boiling all tap water before drinking it for at least a few days – better safe then sorry, right? I think so. Just because you and I are not in Boston doesn’t mean we’re safe either – the world is becoming more dangerous every day. Read my post here for a few tips to stay vigilant and know what to look for in the event of any kind of mass shooting or bombings.

Again, I completely sympathize for all those affected by the horrific events that happened today and hope that none of you actually have to use the information I write about.

What are your thoughts?

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