Review of the Schrade SCHA4BG Pocket Knife

My Schrade SCHA4BG came sharp enough out of the box to slice paper. The spring assisted opening as well as the safety for it never failed. I really like how there is a thumb groove on the back of the blade itself to allow for more leverage and control. The weight and size are great and well balanced.

Here’s my two reasons why I gave it a 4 out of 5:

1. The thumb knob on the blade seems to take a little bit too much pressure to open the knife. I think it’s because you have to place your thumb at a weird angle and could be fixed if the knob isn’t as close to the handle of the knife when the blade is closed.

2. Maybe I have fat fingers or a big hand, but it’s slightly uncomfortable when tightly gripping the handle of the knife. A few more centimeters added on or a bit less of a curve where the pinkie goes would be perfect.

Again, those two things are minor. I would still highly recommend this knife.

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