One man’s trash bag…

…is another man’s survival! Heavy duty trash bags have a multitude of survival applications – water catch/holder, poncho, shelter, sleeping bag, flotation device, waterproof container/bandage/boots, sling, collecting food, or a sanitary latrine. You could opt for the cheaper route and just buy regular trash bags, but with as many as I have torn, I’d personally rather spend the few extra bucks when it comes to my and my family’s survival – 3 mil or “contractor” bags should do the trick. Depending on where you get them and the brand, you can get 20 – 50 in a box for $15 – $40, and you will have enough to put several in everyone’s BOB and vehicle!

What other uses can you come up with for the humble trash bag? (Yes, holding trash is another use.) What is your favorite multi-use survival item?

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