What’s in a good quality survival knife?

Choosing a good quality survival knife is essential to your survival. You can use it to protect yourself, cut rope, cut strips of cloth for bandages, hunt, skin animals, and make traps and other tools among many other things. A good survival knife must be indestructible and able to take and hold a razor sharp edge. It has to be big enough to be able to cut wood but not so big as to be hard to carry around or do smaller jobs.

Video: How to Wrap your Survival Knife with 550 Para Cord

You also want to make sure that your survival knife has a full tang. This means that the entire knife – blade and handle – is one solid piece of metal. You don’t want a hollow-handled knife that you can put other survival items in because it will most likely break where the blade meets the handle during a heavy job.

bug out bag knifeMy personal preference is the Remington Sportsman Series F.A.S.T Fixed Blade Knife. It has all of the qualities that a good survival knife needs; its one solid piece of metal and very sturdy.

As you can see, I took off the blaze orange handle and used 550 cord to wrap around the handle to make it more comfortable and tactical, as well as giving me some extra cordage in the case of an emergency. This knife is very sharp, rugged and an ideal size to keep in my bug out bag or on my person at all times. On my budget, this knife can’t be beat!

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