How Much is Too Much: Addressing Problematic Packing in Your Bug out Bag


The old saying, “one is none and two is one”, is probably one of the best adages that prevails those who set out to create their own bug out bag. When packing and organizing supplies for your bug out bag it is all too easy to go overboard and why not? It is you and your loved ones lives you are preparing to protect. Despite this, it is best to keep in mind the goal Continue ReadingHow Much is Too Much: Addressing Problematic Packing in Your Bug out Bag

7 Places to Get Gear for Your Bug Out Bag


I don’t know about all of you, but I’m always on the lookout for that new item to add to my bug out bag. I might want to upgrade something I already have, pack a backup, get something for a loved one, or just add something new. No matter what the reason is, there are thousands of things out there that you might want to grab. Here are 7 go to places when you get Continue Reading7 Places to Get Gear for Your Bug Out Bag

Survival Items You Need in Your Vehicle at All Times


Bug Out Bag Car Kit

One of my worst case scenarios that is most likely to happen is being stranded in my vehicle. Whether it’s for a few hours, days, weeks, etc., having several essential items will make it much more bearable and survivable for you and your passengers. Having some of these items can even allow you to “self-rescue” and get your vehicle going again and continue to your destination as planned; however, if multiple factors come together (a Continue ReadingSurvival Items You Need in Your Vehicle at All Times

The 3 types of Bug Out Bags


Bug out bags can either be internal framed, external framed, or just day packs. Picking which type you want is a matter of personal preference and intended use. 1. Internal Frames. These are usually narrow (about as wide as your shoulders) and longer. This is so that your center of gravity remains closer to where it is normally and won’t throw you off balance as much if you have to traverse rough terrain. My top Continue ReadingThe 3 types of Bug Out Bags

The Importance of a Bug Out Plan

The worst blizzard in ten years comes out of nowhere overnight. That hurricane predicted to stay 100 miles off coast suddenly takes a turn in your direction. There’s a pandemic sweeping the nation. The economy totally collapses – banks are out of money and stores are out of food. Peaceful picketing erupts into a city wide riot. Whatever you’ve been preparing for actually happens. You have your bug out bag. Now what? Here are some Continue ReadingThe Importance of a Bug Out Plan

Why you need 550 cord in your bug out bag

550 cord was originally used for the rigging lines of Soldiers’ parachutes during WWII. The specific type of parachute cord use by the military (MIL-C-5040H Type III) has a minimum breaking weight of 550 pounds – hence the term 550 cord. The cord consists of an outer nylon shell which is rated at approximately 300 pounds and 7 individual strands inside the shell that are rated at approximately 35 pounds each. Each of the 7 Continue ReadingWhy you need 550 cord in your bug out bag

Bug Out Bag Essentials

Here is a list of some basic survival items that you will want to have in your 72 hour bug out bag:  A Bug Out Plan– Know what you’re going to do and how you will do it. Water and/or water purification ability – The best way to purify water is to boil it. There are also cheap chemical methods such as iodine, chlorine, etc, but make sure you use them properly. Food – You Continue ReadingBug Out Bag Essentials

What is a 72 hour bug out bag?

A 72 hour bug out bag (BOB) is just that – a bag that has been stocked with enough supplies to keep you alive and healthy for 72 hours. The 72 hours is significant, because that will either give you enough time to get yourself to a safer, better supplied location, or whatever situation caused your need to survive will hopefully have passed by then. In a best case scenario, each person in your group Continue ReadingWhat is a 72 hour bug out bag?