6 Survival Items for Mom

Mothers’ Day is just around a corner, so I wanted to dedicate this post to all the mothers out there – especially mine! She has become an avid fan and supporter of this site and started her own bug out bag!

I know that all of you want to be as prepared and protected as possible – why not share that mindset with those you love, especially the women in your life by giving them a gift that could start their own B.O.B.? The following list contains things that anyone could use, but they are on the top of my list for what I want my mother, wife, sisters, etc. to have with them everywhere they go – you never know when a survival situation might come about.

1. Mace. Women have always been targets for violent crimes and robberies more so than men because they are perceived to be weaker. A bottle of mace would deter an attacker long enough for your loved one to escape or get help. That particular bottle of mace is what my wife now carries on her key chain. It has a safety on it, and it can be operated with only one hand.

2. Jumper cables/Jump box. My wife had flown home to visit her family while I was on a 30 day training event last year. When she returned to our vehicle, she realized that it had died because the GPS was still plugged in. Fortunately, we had a set of jumper cables  that the clerk was able to use, and my wife was shortly on her way back home. Another great idea is to carry a portable jump box in your vehicle. These can be plugged into the wall to charge and lets you know how much charge it has remaining by pushing a button. These are good to have in case you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere and/or don’t want to have to interact with a stranger that might cause you to use the item I have listed at #1.

3. Hand crank powered flashlight. A light in the darkness is a comfort to anyone. I’m sure most of you have picked up a standard battery powered flashlight at one point only to find that the batteries were dead. With a hand crank powered flashlight, you never have to worry about that again. Mine never leaves the glovebox. These are cheap enough to keep one in every vehicle you own and every room in your house if you’re so inclined.


4. Survival whistle. Whistles can be heard from a much further distance than the human voice. Pea-less whistles are ideal because the pea rattles and can freeze in cold weather rendering the whistle useless. I can’t imagine many potential attackers would continue their attack if a loud whistle is going off. Three short bursts are also the universal sign of distress – great to have a whistle if you’re hoarse from yelling or dehydrated and can hardly speak.

5. Mosquito head net.  Are mosquito head nets completely necessary for survival? Probably not, but they could help prevent diseases and painful/itchy bites as well as allowing you (or your mom) a few less “freak outs” as a bug comes flying at your face or in your hair.

6. Knife. Last but definitely not least, a knife should be carried at all times.

The best part about most of these items is that they can be kept in a purse if the women in your life are not yet ready to make their own bug out bag.

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  1. Looking forward to you checking out my B.O.B. when you are home. And while I recieved an awesome mother’s day gift already feel free to add to my bag any time you want! lol

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