3 Methods of Survival Communication to Know

In today’s society, we are used to being able to communicate all around the world in a matter of seconds via email, phone calls, video chat, etc. You need to learn and have access to alternate means of communication in the event we lose those capabilities – even if it is only for a short amount of time.

1. Radios. Whether you have short range walkie talkies or a ham radio, you need a way to communicate to other people besides cell phones and laptops. Keep in mind, you need to get an amateur radio license to operate a ham radio. As an added precaution, some people have invested in a Faraday cage to protect their electronic devices from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Some people get ripped off buying “special made” cages, but the concept is very simple and can be as easy as a sealed metal trash can. Basically, you put your electronics inside a sealed metal container without them touching any part of said container (put wood or styrofoam inside as insulation). If any current strikes your container, the electricity will flow around and away from it protecting anything inside. The most common fear of EMP causes is from a massive solar flare or nuclear explosion. Personally, if either of those happen, I think we’d have bigger issues to worry about than fried walkie talkies, but you never know.

2. Morse Code. Learn it; love it; practice it. Batteries die. Satellites go out of range. You never know when you might have to resort to this “cave man” style of communication. You can signal morse code with smoke, flashes of light, banging objects together, etc. If you learn nothing else, the SOS distress signal is 3 dits, 3 dahs and 3 dits ( . . . – – – . . . ).
3. Hand and Arm Signals. These are commonly used in the military when silence can save your life. If you want to be familiar with some of them, you can find them in Army FM 21-60: Visual Signals. If you’re going to be traveling with a group of people, you can even create your own unique signals that only you and those with you will understand so that you can have a private conversation in a crowd if you needed to.
Remember, no man is an island. You might have all the right gear stashed away and/or in your bug out bag and the best bug out location, but shit happens.
There will come a day where you will HAVE to communicate with other people in a survival scenario. Learn multiple ways to communicate effectively.
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